Affordable Housing

I support the zoning reforms around Smart Growth being discussed on Beacon Hill, with bipartisan support in the Legislature and Governor’s Office. We simply cannot build our way out of this problem; local governments need a reliable state partner. In addition, I would advocate for additional local aid to town that meet a minimum threshold in creating affordable housing options.

Opioid Crisis – Recent years has seen some inconsistent budgeting to address this from the Baker Administration. Funds for substance counseling was cut for all high schools on the Cape. The state needs to be a more reliable partner in providing support at all levels – more beds, longer treatment options, support for family caregivers, better training for our health care professionals and the recognition that addiction is a lifelong challenge to overcome. We must remove the stigma and show the compassion that reflects the best of us. I am supportive of efforts to hold the manufacturers of opioids responsibility for any irresponsibility in pushing and promoting these dangerous substances, even as the crisis worsened.