About Steve

I wanted to start by sharing some of my story. I’ve been a resident of Brewster since 1997 and a proud and blessed dad to Dylan and Shayna. They continue to motivate me to what I first heard Governor Patrick refer to as our generational responsibility.

I grew up one of four boys with a single mother. Much of my life experience shapes my philosophy now. There was a time we lived in public housing in Boston. I can remember going with my mother to pick up government food we were eligible for. I know the value of creating housing that people can afford and having access to food that you might otherwise do without.

After graduating high school, I attended UMass/Amherst. At that time, with the assistance of scholarships and grants, getting my Bachelor’s degree was an attainable goal. The doorway of possibilities was open. And I was fortunate a few years after that to go back to school and get my Master’s Degree from Northeastern University. I’ve worked in higher education most of my life, in a variety of positions – from administrative to residence life to training and instructional design in Information Technology.

I wanted to share the things that most shape me. In addition, I have always been active in politics and government. This started as far back as my days at UMass, where I belonged to the first College Democrats group on campus. At the same time, one of my Political Science professors casually mentioned that if students got organized and registered to vote in Amherst, we could probably run the town. Several of us ran successfully for Amherst Town Meeting. Lesson learned, if you work to get out your vote, you win and have a place at the table. In addition, here are some other ways I have been engaged in community:

Elected Town Meeting Member, Brookline Massachusetts

Member Brookline Democratic Town Committee

Assistant Town Coordinator in Brookline, Barney Frank for Congress

Served on the Brewster School Committee

Served on the Brewster Affordable Housing Partnership

Member and former chair of the Brewster Democratic Town Committee

Cape & Islands representative to the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee

Twice elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention

Successfully advocated for a plank in the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee Platform promoting access to healthy food, locally sourced when possible.

Serving on the Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action Economic Inequality committee

Volunteer on numerous political and issue campaigns, including Fight for 15, Paid Family Leave and the Fair Share Tax